HTML code generator

A complete HTML page can be generated, with register details as well as textual description of the different register modes. This is done with a call to RegisterList.create_html_page().


Markdown/reStructuredText syntax can be used in register and bit descriptions, which will be converted to appropriate HTML tags. Text can be set bold with double asterisks, and italicised with a single asterisk. A paragraph break can be inserted with consecutive newlines.

A HTML page generated from the TOML format example can be viewed here: example_regs.html

Tables only

Optionally, only the tables with register and constant descriptions can be generated to HTML, using RegisterList.create_html_register_table() and RegisterList.create_html_constant_table(). These can be included in a separate documentation flow.

Generated HTML file here: example_register_table.html

Generated HTML file here: example_constant_table.html